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Front pipe increased to 3 inches.
Catless downpipe.
Improves power delivery and throttle response.




The K20C engine was designed for use in a normal road car and features a catalytic converter, removing this converter eliminates its restricting effects which significantly increases the engine horsepower.
HKS developed an extension pipe without the catalytic converter and a frontpipe that will connect it to a catback exhaust system.




  • Removing catalytic converter results in a more linear boost and throttle response.
  • Uses 3 inch pipes, compatible with HKS catback exhausts.
  • A perfect addition to intake, intercooler and other HKS products for future ECU tuning and boostup.
  • Decreases secondary exhaust gas pressure from turbine and reduces exhaust restriction.




Max Power
HKS (100 Octane) 383HP / 6500rpm
HKS (91 Octane) 349HP / 630rpm
Stcok (91 Octane) 300HP / 6000rpm
Max Torque
HKS (100 Octane) 376Ft-Lbs / 6500rpm
HKS (91 Octane) 360Ft-Lbs / 6300rpm
Stcok (91 Octane) 295Ft-Lbs / 4400rpm

Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
CIVIC TYPE R FK8 K20C 17/09 -22/08 33006-KH001

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