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paraurti anteriore adatto per LeROVER Range ROVER Sport (2009-2013) L320 Autobiography Design




Autobiography front bumper s meant to give your Range Rover Sport a surprising fresh and noble look.adatto for Land Rover Range Rover Sport Facelift (2009-2013)Not adatto for Land Rover Range Rover Sport (2005-2009)

*In order to fit this bumper on Land Rover Range Rover Sport (2005-2009) front fenders must be replaced with Facelift Fenders. Code: FFRRSDescription Front Bumper Autobiography Design equipped with griglia anteriore license plate support fog lamps cases.
Material: crafted in high quality PP (polypropylene) ready for painting operation (primed).
Front bumper chin spoiler is crafted in high quality ABS plastics.
The front spoiler is already painted in brushed aluminium.
Fog lamp cases requires painting.Fitting and Installation Fitting instructions not included.
Installation in an authorized car service is highly recommended.Package Contains Front Bumper Autobiography Design with:
griglia anteriore
License plate support
Fog lamps casesCertificates Product without E-mark/ABE/TUV.
These are high quality aftermarket parts.

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