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Ventola sottile 14 Inch/35cm Black




High performance 12'' electric slim/thin cooling fan.
It is lighter and more durable than factory fan.

Size: 12'', 2.5''
Thickness, 1250 CFM, 2100 RPM, 12V, 80W, 7 AMPS.

Item specifics
- Pull fan only
- High quality, excellent cooling ability
- Compatible with all fan controls
- Complete kit with mounting hardware
- Thin, aerodynamic profile for applications with limited space
- Full fingerguard shroud
- Now offering 12" high flow fans in black, blue, red. Important: Pusher fans use: blue wire is positive (+). black wire is negative(-). Important: Puller fans use: black wire is positive (+). blue wire is negative (-) Note: Fans shipped in Puller mode. If you are mounting as a pusher, you need to flip fan blade over.

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