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D-LITE fari adatto per VW Jetta Mk6 VI 6 11+ luce di marcia diurna black


VW JETTA VI Sedan (2012-2014)


DECTANE LED DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHT HEADLIGHTS VW JETTA 6With E-approval: STREET LEGALR87 Mark as daytime running light   adatto for: VW Jetta 6year: 11+version: black   WITH REAL DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHT -R87 APPROVAL   content: 1 set includes 2 headlightscondition: new / original packagingPlug&Play: compatible to all original carriers and plug connectorserror messages excluded: all control units / resistors are included in delivery electric highness control: motor includedOneblock-Design integrated indicatorHID look lens   illumination:  H1 low beam H1 high beam (included)LED daytime running lightposition light in light conductor technologyindicator (included)The DECTANE real daytime running light headlight stands for future developments in vehicle lighting. The headlights with the approved LED strip are equipped with real daytime running lights which are provided with a R87 approval. So you can enjoy high quality headlights equipped with the latest LED technology to give your vehicle a unique look coupled with a high safety. Because of the integrated daytime running light in the headlights they adapt perfectly to the weather conditions on the street. Also the headlights are o.e. conform e-approved and the installation is straightforward because of the original connectors (plug-and-play).  Certificates These are high quality aftermarket parts.

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