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DAYLINE fari adatto per AUDI A3 8P 03-08 _drl-optic _ chrome


AUDI A3 Hatchback (8P1) (2003-2012)


DECTANE LED DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHT OPTIC HEADLIGHTS AUDI A3 8PWith E-approval: STREET LEGAL   adatto for: Audi A3 8P also adatto for Sportbacknot adatto for facelift year: 03 - 08version: chrome   content: 1 set includes 2 headlightscondition: new / original packagingPlug&Play: compatible to all original carriers and plug connectorserror messages excluded: all control units / resistors are included in delivery Electric highness control: motor integrated Oneblock-Design integrated indicatorHID look lens illumination: H7 high beam and low beam behind one lens (not included)indicator (not included)LED stripe in daytime running light optic: approved as position light   Certificates These are high quality aftermarket parts.

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