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pedane laterali adatto per D Kuga Escape II Mk2 (2013-2018) OEM Design


FORD KUGA MK2 II SUV (C520) (2013-2018)


These running boards are meant to change the appearance of your Ford Kuga and convert it in a genuine fuoristrada SUVadatto for Ford Kuga Mk II (2013-2018)
Ford Escape (US version of Ford Kuga) Mk II (2013-2018)Not adatto for Ford Kuga III (2019-)
Ford Kuga I (2008-2012)Description Ford Kuga OEM Design Running boards are crafted in high quality 304 stainless steel aluminium and PVC
Running boards are equipped with anti-slip rubber material and Ford Chromed BadgeFitting and Installation Fitting instructions not included.
Installation in an authorized car service is highly recommended.Package Contains One set of Running Boards (left-right)
Fitting AccessoriesCertificates Product without E-mark/ABE/TUV.
These are high quality aftermarket parts.

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