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Lexus IS250/350 14+ (RWD) Megan Racing Rear Traction Rods


Manufacturer Code MRS-LX-0381


Megan Racing traction rods also allow for fine-tuned adjustments to the rear suspension geometry. By changing the length of the traction rod you change the position and pitch of which the suspension rotates upon and you change the amount of "Anti-Squat" of the rear. Although the adjustment is minimal, it can change the behavior or the vehicle during weight transfer.


-Lexus IS250/IS350 2014+
- Constructed of Steel Alloy for Lightweight yet Durable performance
- Pillow Ball bushings for a more direct feel and driving experience
- Easy to access turnbuckle-style adjustment
- Can be adjusted without removing from the vehicle

Manufacturer Code MRS-LX-0381

Lexus IS

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