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Nissan R35 GTR 3" Titanio Cat Back Sistema di Scarico


Nissan R35 GTR 3" Titanio Cat Back Sistema di Scarico


Our Nissan R35 GTR Cat Back Exhaust System directly replaces your OEM or stainless steel aftermarket system to give Nissan's supercar the voice it was always meant to have. Replacing the complete exhaust from the Cats and including the Y-Pipe to the tailpipes allows the exhaust gasses to flow much more freely, increasing the power output of the engine while the titanium construction reduces weight compared to OEM or conventional stainless steel equivalents.

Manufactured from titanium (with stainless steel flexi joints) our Nissan R35 GTR Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System is the next level in aftermarket performance exhaust parts. Stronger yet lighter than steel, titanium construction ensures this system is able to take an incredible amount of abuse (as is normal when driving a GTR as intended). Fitting a titanium system over the OEM or stainless steel equivalent helps significantly reduces the overall vehicle weight. By reducing the weight of the exhaust system the power-weight ratio of the car dramatically improves; allowing you to push harder than ever with confidence into those corners

Extremely lightweight (weighing in at only 12kg) and featuring a full 3" bore our Nissan R35 GTR Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System is designed to maximise the performance of your GTR for a very long time to come.

Constructed from the finest quality materials the Japspeed Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System for the Nissan R35 GTR is engineered to help you gain the most from that legendary twin turbo V6!


Manufactured from strong yet lightweight titanium (with stainless steel flexi joints)
Full 3" bore throughout with 5" tailpipes
Extremely lightweight at only 12Kg
Built in flexi joints to reduce exhaust strain
TIG welded, CNC machined flanges
Direct bolt-on design

Please note: a remap is recommended after fitting in order to acquire maximum power gains
Please note: Flexi joints are stainless steel NOT titanium

:Nissan R35 GTR 2007-2016 models

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