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Integra/RSX K20 Engine Megan Racing D-Spec Catback


Manufacturer Code MR-CBS-AR02S


One of Megan Racings strongest products, the Cat-Back System is made of SUS-304 Stainless Steel with a fully polished surface, CNC machined flanges and mandrel bends. Its aggressive styling, and deep, strong tone are just part of the MR Cat-Back characteristics. It also serves to improve horsepower, torque and overall performance with its straight-through design. The exhaust systems have 2.5? piping and 3? piping for certain forced induction models. Finished with a tip that is designed to increase the scavenging effect and achieve maximum performance, while adding a perfect match on exterior styling as well.

We use megan racing parts for our own cars like our Integra Type R DC5, Civic EP3 Type R, Prelude 97, etc. We wouldn?t recommand you these products if we were not fully satisfied about the price & quality ourselves.

Series: Drift-Spec (D-Spec)

The latest catback system is the drift-spec style. Designed to give it a more agressive look the exhaust is angled up and outward. Depending on each car and each bumper design, the exhaust will vary upon the direction and angle that it sits.

? 4" tip with 5.5" width muffler
? Removable double-layer silencer, 2.5" piping with 2.25" inlet.
? Built-in resonator
? 100% stainless steel with polish finish
? Producing strong, deep and noticable sound
? Direct bolt-on application
? Gain 7-15 more horse power, faster response
? Comes with all gaskets, bolts & nuts
? Quality comparable with brands as Invidia, DCSports, Apexi, etc.

Feedback from megan racing users/customers:

? Nickname: CarModzSouthAfrica
Yes also have the headers of Megan Racing on this car.
It truly is an amazing product and quality is very much up to standard to the more popular brand names. If not even better than some of them.
? Nickname: DARQMX
Goddamn that Megan sounds nice and thick... i love it... i bet it is a 3" and i also bet it sounds this good because of the turbo... I hope when I get mine it sounds just as good on a NA car.
? Nickname: 1llmatic
In terms of catback exhausts Megan Racing actually has a decent exhaust system. The entire system is full stainless steel compared to other big name brands that only use mild steel piping with a stainless steel muffler. I believe DC sports is one of the only other companies to offer a true full stainless steel exhaust system. (Correct me if i'm wrong)

Manufacturer Code MR-CBS-AR02S

Honda Integra 2001-2006 (Integra/RSX)

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