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Competition Intercooler Kit for Ford Focus RS MK3


The Competition Intercooler has the following core size (630mm x 215mm x 125mm = 16.931cm³), providing a 10% larger frontalarea and 72% more volume compared to the original intercooler. Our engineers have increased the intercooler core size and efficiency, as well as improved the end tank design to remove any OEM bottlenecks, resulting in increased flow rating and charge cooling properties. Competition intercooler core with turbulators (weight: 9,2kg). Constructed of the highest quality Tube and Fin intercooler cores combined with cast aluminum optimized by CAD. Flow analyses and simulations were created to optimise the design for best possible Internal Airflow. We also increased in and outlet to 70mm. This intercooler is protected by an Anti corrosion coating with perfect thermal heat dissapating character. The result is excellent cooling properties with minimum back pressure and clearly more power. For this reason this kit exactly the right for motorsport. Ready for installation (plug & play), no cutting required, replacing the stock intercooler. All of our products undergo rigorous quality control.


Dimensions stock Intercooler:

615mm x200mm x 80mm

V=9,84 Liter

A=1230 cm²


Dimensions WAGNERTUNING Intercooler:

630mm x 215mm x125mm

V=16,9 Liter

A=1355 cm²


packing list:

1 intercooler painted black

2 silicone hoses

1 mounting material

1 installation instruction

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