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Universal 2.5 inch Stainless Steel Muffler [Megan Racing]


Manufacturer Code MR-MU-UNIV25


Megan Racing universal mufflers are designed with a more conservative Oval design rather than the common Canister style universal mufflers. These are more discreet to law enforcment and although the feature the same perforated-core design as the Canister mufflers that we sell, they offer a deeper more mellow tone due to the increased amount of packing that is contained within the muffler casing. These line of offset inlet universal mufflers are perfect for vehicles that utilize this design for bumper clearance or location.

Total Length: 15.5"
Total Height: 6.875"
Inlet Pipping: 2.5", ID: 2.4"
Inlet Pipping: 2.4", ID: 2.3"
Canister Width: 10.5"
Canister Length: 9.75"
100% sus 304 stainless steel
Silver chrome finish muffler
Sound is quiet with deep tone
Tip not included, for vehicle with OEM bumper exhaust cut out
Megan Racing Universal Tips can be purchased separately to be weld on to these mufflers
1 year limited warranty

NOTE: All Megan Racing Exhaust and Suspension products are deemed for "off-road use only"-- please check local laws regarding the modification of the exhaust systems by checking the vehicle code for your state. Many states are more stringent on exhaust modification laws and to pass SMOG. Please check your local laws.

Manufacturer Code MR-MU-UNIV25

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