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Mazda MX5 98-04 1.8L Alu Performance 2-Row Radiator [MR]


Manufacturer Code MR-RT-MMX59918


We are proud to introduce the new Megan Racing high performance aluminum radiator. Anytime an individual introduces their car to a racing/drifting environment, the temperature of the vehicles engine will skyrocket. One common and effective method of reducing engine temperature is to employ an aluminum radiator.

This is a cost effective upgrade which can ultimately save an engine during competition or spirited driving. Often times, a temperature drop of twenty degrees or more will be noticed when using an aluminum radiator. Also included is a 1.1 BAR radiator cap.

ATTN: Please FLUSH the radiator before installation and properly take all the air pockets out. If its not properly installed, might cause the motor to over heat due to low coolant or air pockets in the cooling system.

- Fit Mazda MX5/Miata 99-05 MT only

- 2-Row 52mm core thickness

- Manual Transmission only

Manufacturer Code MR-RT-MMX59918

Mazda MX-5

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