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M-DT 3 Inch Inlet Uni Dual Muffler 3 Inch Tip


Manufacturer Code MR-MU-MDT-T


With law enforcment becoming ever more strickt with modifying your vehicle with performance parts, the need for more discreet performance parts have increased to keep a low profile.

The M-DT is designed with a more conservative Oval design rather than the common Canister style universal mufflers. These are more discreet to law enforcement and although these feature the same perforated-core design as the Canister mufflers that we sell, they offer a deeper more mellow tone due to the increased amount of packing that is contained within the muffler casing.


- Dual 3 Inch tips with 3 Inch piping (inlet)

- 100% sus 304 stainless steel

- Silver Chrome finish

- Sound is quiet and deep tone

- Universal

- 1 year limited warranty

- Total Length: 23 3/8" long
- Total Height: 4 3/4"
- Dual Tip Length: 7.0"
- Dual Tip Width: 6 1/4"
- Canister Length: 14 5/8"
- Canister Width: 9.0"

Manufacturer Code MR-MU-MDT-T

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