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Mazda MX5 90-93 Front Lower Arm Repair Kit Megan Racing


Manufacturer Code MRS-MZ-0700


Factory Miata bushings are made from a rubber compound, which deteriorates over the years. The Miata bushings become softer, therefore becoming less capable of resisting the forces being placed on them.

The Meganracing bushings on the other hand are 20%-30% stiffer and do not deteriorate in performance over time. This will also replace your old old ball joint to give you a more accurate feel with the steering wheel. The benefit of the increased stiffness will have more control of the suspension components making the driver feel more compfortable.

NOTE: Due to the complexity of the installation, proffesional installation is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

- Package comes with 4 harden rubber and 2 ball joint) 6pcs per set

- 150% Harder that stock bushings

- Made with high-strength and anti-craking rubber material

- Rubber viscosity is around 2000KGS

Manufacturer Code MRS-MZ-0700

Mazda MX-5

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