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Toyota Corolla AE86 Rear Lateral Rods Megan Racing


Manufacturer Code MRS-TY-0681


The AE86 Toyota Corolla is already 20 years old, and yet to this day remains an reckoning force in motor-sports. Most predominantly used in drifting, the AE86 dominates the drift series against opponents with overwhelming power and advanced technology while sticking to the basics of performance with balance and agility.

The AE86 Corolla is well balanced and is most often powered by the race-proven 4A-GE motors that transfer energy through their FR-Drive-train. Though this vehicle is an amazing vehicle in it s stock form, it always leaves something to be desired for the truth enthusiast who has the need to bring the most out of their performance machine.

Megan Racing is now taking on the AE86 Corolla GT-S/SR5 by unveiling a series of performance parts. This Adjustable Pan-Hard bar also known as a Lateral Link is designed to replace the OEM bar and the soft rubber bushings which are now aged 20 years. All the pieces are constructed of a high-strength steel alloy which allows them to retain lightweight characteristics and are then powder-coated by a 3-Stage process to a brilliant metallic blue finish. The ends are constructed of Self-Lubricating bearings which are designed specifically to handle the rigors of competition with absolutely no play or binding in the bearings.

Adjustable length allows fine tuning for proper suspension geometry and allow you to enter in a corner and initiate with confidence. A more direct feel while cornering and added stability in a drift will allow you to drive and perform to your vehicle s full potential.

Specifications & Features:

- Designed for the 1985-1987 Toyota Corolla GT-S/SR5.
- High-Strength steel alloy retains durability with lightweight characteristics.
- 3-Stage powder-coating process gives a brilliant metallic blue finish.
- Self-Lubricating bearings remove all play and binding over OEM soft bushings.
- Increased stability during drifting and cornering.
- Adjustable by 40mm to properly center the axle of a Corolla that has been lowered.
- High-Deviation bearings allow 30º of angle to accommodate any 4-Link setup.

- Minimum Thread engagement: 3/4"
- Minimum Length: 30 3/8"
- Maximum Length: 31 7/8"
- Small Hole Diameter: 7/16"
- Width: 1 9/16"
- Larger Hole Diameter: 13/16"

Manufacturer Code MRS-TY-0681

Toyota Corolla 1983-1987 (AE80/82/85/86)

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