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D2 Racing Street Coilover Kit - GT86, BRZ




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2012 +

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The D2 Street (RS) Series suspension kit is the most popular coilover. Featuring a 36-way damping and rebound adjustable monotube design, Street coilovers are perfect for the modified street car that also sees occasional track days. This coilover has separate height and preload adjustments allowing for optimal suspension tuning while maintaining full strut travel at all times.


The D2 Sport series are high performance suspensions with a 36-way damping setting. Increase 30% dampening and spring rate than street setting. It is suitable for track day and aggressive driving. Our sport spec changes the damping setting and spring rate to meet the requirements of enthusiasts.


The D2 CIRCUIT Series coilovers are designed for the circuit track enthusiast determined to go fast. Increased spring rates with more aggressively valved dampers and a larger, heavy-duty piston construction result in a suspension system that out-performs its competition. Large 52mm shock bodies increase oil capacity and the aluminum construction decreases weight to help this coilover perform at the limit.


The D2 DRIFT Series suspension kits provide you with ultimate control over your drift when you need it most. These coilovers feature an inverted monotube strut design (on most coilovers) and 55mm pistons (MacPherson applications) which allow them to maintain peak performance under extreme conditions while maintaining 36-way adjustability. Specially designed mounts, helper springs, and drift-spec spring rates with matched valving result in a high performance coilover that is the standard for many of today's top drifters.


The D2 DRAG Series suspension kits are designed to help you reduce your 1/4 mile time through the use of drag-specific valving and spring rates which increase your car's traction properties. Our race-proven drag coilovers feature a 6061-T6 aluminum construction, corrosion resistant shock bodies, and retain 36 ways of adjustment.

Rally Asphalt

The D2 Racing RALLY Asphalt suspension kits are built using steel mounts, elongated spring and stroke with matched dampening properties, and 44mm pistons to maintain performance and endurance during long-term use. These coilovers feature an inverted monotube strut design and 36-way damping adjustment designed to withstand the toughest rally conditions. D2 Rally Asphalt are adjustable -1.3 cm (0.5") to -7.6 cm (3.0") from factory ride height.

Rally Snow/Gravel

The D2 Racing RALLY Snow & Gravel suspension kits offer steel mounts, elongated spring and stroke with matched dampening properties to compensate for the rigors of off-road rally competition. Additional features include an inverted monotube strut design, 36-way damping adjustment, 55mm piston shock bodies*, and hardened rubber top mounts to reduce noise and improve ride quality. D2 Rally Snow & Gravel coilovers are adjustable +/- 3.2 cm (1.25") from factory ride height.

Front Top Mount

Topmount legend



P+ / P+R



AluminiumPillowballPillowball and RubberPillowball 3DNo Top Mount

Please note: shape varies depending on car model
Adjustable P+R (Pillowball Hardened Rubber)

Rear Top Mount
A (Aluminum)

Spring rate Front

Spring rate Rear

Front Replacement Strut

Rear Replacement Strut

4 coilovers, front and rear

3 year warranty

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